Bypass Vodafone Station Revolution enrollment browser-based

VSR box

VSR router likes your DNS traffic! There is no way to use alternative DNS server(... ehmm... i didn't find an alternative) this mechanism guarantees it to manage a process of enrollment browser-based for every new clients attached for the first time to the LAN.

No issue until you run a command like these (dummy and useless list below):

  • "wget httpserverurldownload"
  • "apt-get update"

on your linux server (then no issue until you make any kind of http traffic)

VSR will redirect all http requests to the enrollment HTML page which through a javascript code will get the client MAC address, records a new client in the VSR domain and gives a name to it. That happens just one time for every new host! But this situation could give you some little headache.

How to avoid headache? (useless list below again!):

  • take note of the mac address of your linux server
  • open a new tab in your desktop browser
  • go to:


That's all!

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Do you understand that i wrote this "useless" post just to try "image upload" and "lists" on the ghost platform? If yes ill buy u a beer
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I'm joking. I hope it can be useful to someone
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No, i was not joking